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Philanthropic & Socially Responsible Non Profit -Paying Bills for Others

Your Kindness and our Social Responsibility -Allows our Nonprofit to Pay Bills for Others in need

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Our Team


K21A -Purposeful and Driven to help all of mankind. 

Our amazing Socially Responsible team and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. We walk the community's we live in and we are listening. 

Our work with other nonprofits and small businesses caring for the underprivileged keeps us connected to the global needs. While our community relationships with other like minded socially conscious business owners keeps our voice alive. 

We are looking and listening for people to offer our Kindness to- in the form of paying a bill. When Kindness occurs hope follows. We believe that Kindness is the foundation for a better future.  

Think you would be a good fit to help us with fundraising and community outreach? 

Please contact us!


(317) 246-000

Our History


Seeing a need for Kindness in people's lives and watching people struggle to pay for food, rent, car payments, medical bills etc. is how we began.  From this we created our nonprofit work in this area. 

We formed our organization to provide Kindness To One Another in the form of Paying a Bill. 

We see the need for Social Responsibility in the communities we live in. 

We believe that everyone has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. 

One Christmas we witnessed someone pay off every customers layaway bill at a major retailer. The Kindness that was shown that day was amazing. We knew we wanted to duplicate that and created our non profit.

Our Mission began and we are consistently growing through the donations and charity of others. 

The gift of giving is the gift of Kindness.

Our Mission


We address the needs of poverty, financial stability and the basic needs of everyone in our community.    

We collect and repurpose the Kind donations of others. We make the donations-whole. Then give it back by Paying Bills for Others in Need. 

Our nonprofit, Kindness To One Another is Impactful, Meaningful and Thoughtful.

We Pop Up at a location and perform Random Acts of Kindness by paying a bill for a stranger. 

We Step in and Pay a Bill for Another Nonprofit or Small business catering to the underprivileged which allows us to reach more people in need, Quicker. 

We have Kindness Events with Companies so Kindness Can Grow and Social Responsibility can flourish. 

Our form of Kindness relieves a financial burden and offers hope to everyone.

Our Vision

We see our nonprofit K21A not using traditional methods to support mankind. We see less bureaucracy and red tape within helping people. We see less paperwork when someone is asking for help.

We want to genuinely streamline the process of passing money from someone who can Help to those who Need Help.

Donate To Our Monthly Cause

The month of August 2019 we are fundraising for children at risk.  We want to buy winter jackets for a November- Kindness Event.  

Support Social Responsibility with your Kindness. Give to your community in need.

We are an approved 501 (c) (3)

When Donating for a Specific Kindness Event put Event Name in the optional notes section after you have applied the donation amount. Thank You!

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