Acts Of Kindness. Paying A Bill. Offering Hope. Supporting All Lives.

Kindness To One Another, Inc  - (

We are a 501(c)(3) - Public Benefit Corporation, Which Is Organized For A Public Or Charitable Purpose.  EIN: 83-3726252

Random Acts Of Kindness and Pay Bills For Others through Charitable Donations and Grants

About Us

Meeting people where they are and offering hope for a better tomorrow- one bill at a time.

We have come to understand our nonprofit is like a butterfly. We are special, different and sometimes misunderstood. 

We don't live in a box, we are not saving the planet from destruction and we have no cure for cancer.

But:  We deliver Kindness to humanity. We offer hope to people and put smiles on everyone's faces with gratitude!  We are boots on the ground- real and meaningful. We don't ask- we just do!


We are Unique - No other non-profit is doing work in this way.

We are Minimalist - We don't believe in taking up space with offices and excessive  overhead. 

We are Fluid - We adapt easily. We listen and change when necessary.

Our Work At A Kindness Event

We pay a bills for others through our conscious and random Acts of Kindness.  

We care for others who are struggling, in poverty, underprivileged or just in need of a leg up. 

Our belief is that Kindness- paying a bill, can offer hope and change the direction of your day in a positive way. 

We see the need for Kindness and Social Responsibility in our society today and want to give in our way. Humanity is in need of so much help. Offering Kindness is just the beginning. 

Our Acts of Kindness is the way our team dedicates our time and efforts to the communities we live in.   

Paying a bill - small or large.

Our Work

We  SEEK out the people and organizations that we can offer our Acts of Kindness to.  

We are NOT able to support humanity when they call us for money. Our ability to help others is based on funding.  

As we grow and alien ourselves with large nonprofits and companies our ability will grow.   

Our Mission is to be charitable to humanity and philanthropic to organizations caring for humanity.

Our Responsibility As A Nonprofit

Give in a charitable way to everyone, allow conversations of a higher power- and anything that has to do with education. 

Code Of Conduct

We act with respect towards everyone.  We honor integrity. We don't judge or discriminate anyone. Our work and our programs will only be approved for Good in the world. 

All of humanity deserves Kindness. 

Watch Us On You Tube

Our nonprofit commits to you, the donor to share as many Kindness Events as we can. We believe sharing Kindness on Social Media can teach others how to be Kind. We need the approval of everyone involved on camera.


Paying Bills For Others At Our Kindness Events

Kindness Events- Our Acts Of Kindness

Conscious Or Random Acts Of Kindness 

Our nonprofit pops up at an unannounced location in a underprivileged area. We seek out people that we believe could benefit by having a bill paid for.These types of bills usually are for groceries, gas, meals, bus passes, clothing, shoes etc. 

We expose our communities to what Kindness looks like. We believe our Acts Of Kindness creates hope with everyone involved.

Get Involved With A Conscious Act of Kindness.

  • $100.00 Donation- You join us at a location.
  • $200.00 Donation- You ride along with us and you are an active participant.
  • $400.00 Donation- A Parent and Child program to ride along with us and be an active participant.
  • $500.00 Donation - You choose a stranger who you want to have a conscious Act of Kindness for.  This is you giving and enjoying being present, helping someone else.

Planned Kindness Events 

Once a year we plan for a large bill that we are going to pay for. This could be a medical bill - mortgage - car - college. 

We collaborate with our nonprofit partners and the communities voice to decide the -who. The person who gets chosen doesn't know they are chosen until we pay their bill. 


Sponsored Kindness Events 

The donor chooses who to be kind to and provides the donation for the  Kindness Event. 

Having a sponsored Kindness Event is based on doing good for the communities we live in.

Corporate Events and Corporate Sponsored Events also work with the team at MDC. (www.MDC.Services)


Pet Smart-(Avon Indiana) & Kindness To One Another

Sponsored Kindness Event

A Wonderful Team at Pet Smart (Avon IN.) and their Customers who have donated to provide a Teddy Bear and a Hug to someone in need of one.

The Photos Below Are Showing Where Has Delivered The Teddy Bears.  


Paying A Bill For Organizations Supporting Others

Supporting Nonprofits & Small Businesses Caring For Others.

We believe Kindness To One Another has the ability to touch and help more people faster by stepping in and relieving a financial burden- threatening another non profit or small business to complete their daily work. 

Paying A Bill For Small Businesses Catering To The Underprivileged 

We believe in the grassroots movement of change by supporting others who care for the needy. When possible we step in and pay a bill for a business supporting humanity.

We also support businesses caring for needy animals.  

These small businesses have chosen to not become a nonprofit but are doing the same work.

Donating & Paying A Bill For Nonprofits - Adopt A Non-Profit

We believe that non profits are working hard to help kids - feed the homeless - care for the elderly - save the ecosystem - care for the LGBTQ community's - saving animals - teaching religious principles - building homes - saving women and children from sex trafficking - supporting reintegration and assimilation of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Adopt a Non-Profit is a program run by and in conjunction with the team at MDC


Nonprofits Are Givers Who Inspire Social Responsibility. 

Non Profits Offer - Love, Peace, Joy and Hope.

They work diligently to receive grants and survive on fundraising. 

We believe the amount of money each year a nonprofit gets, needs to be applied to their mission. Not on other stressors- like a bill that needs to be paid for.

Our work will allow an organization to get a bill paid for without all the red tape.  Such as applying for another grant or struggling to find a donor. We don't want a nonprofit to lose their daily focus of helping others because the funding has dried up and a bill is due.   

We Fill Pantries, Pay For Rent, Purchase Gas, Pay Electricity Etc. Instagram Page

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How We Do Our Work


Your Kind And Fluid Donations

Regular Donations  from for-profit companies, businesses and Individual donors. 

We work with corporate sponsors who are learning about or fully understand social responsibility. Also- individuals who understand our mission and networks we support that have a specific focus.

MDC.Services supports us regularly.

We rely on Grants and Fundraising activities. We rely on shared events and additional partnership


Your Kind And Socially Responsible Hearts

Partnerships with people who care about others and want to understand where their donation is going.  

People who believe in a better society where for-profits and nonprofits meet.

People who understand that nonprofits are trying to help others while fighting for their survival through the grant process which is archaic. 

People who have vision of streamlining a process  for the betterment of the people


We Show Up In Our Communities And Work For You.

We Work For - "You"

We seek to help and offer our form for Kindness to those in need and underprivileged first. With that being our priority we are still able and willing to offer our form of Kindness to all of humanity. 

Because of the way our nonprofit is operationally structured, we are not limited in any way as to who or why we are offering our form of kindness. We have the ability to pay a bill for anyone in need as long as we have the funds to do so.

We can solicit donations from 10 States in the USA.

Indiana, California, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

Help Us Care For Humanity! Serving All Lives.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card