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Our Work Paying Bills For Others With Acts of Kindness

More Information About Our Weekly- Kindness Events

What does this mean? Donate to a Kindness Event? This is our non profit acting in a socially responsible way and asking you to donate to what we do on a regular basis.  Once a week we have a Conscious Kindness Event.

Each week at K21A.org we choose a day when we go out in the community and consciously pick out  strangers to pay a bill for. We pay for groceries, we buy shoes for kids, we pay for a mom's lunch, we put gas in your car, we pay for a set of tires etc. We care for others in the way you would care for a family member or friend. The only difference is we care for strangers. We apply your kind donation to someone we just met and have learned of their struggles . 

As we grow, our kindness events and the bill's we pay for will become larger and more impactful. This means we can pay for a mom's cancer treatment. The larger events may only happen once a year, because the cost of the bill is significant. And it depends on the fundraising dollars and donations of you- our Kindness Followers!


When we go out and pay a bill we have a code we abide by. We act ethically at all times. We do not use the money you have donated for anyone we know, are related to or know of. Secondly we seek out those we believe are in need.

Here's an example of how the Indianapolis team manages a conscious Kindness Event:

If your basket has bread, peanut butter and a can of tuna. We want to talk to you. If your basket has liquor, cans of coke, cookies and cigarettes we are not looking to talk with you. If were at a gas station and your old Honda is getting filled up, we probably want to talk with you. If your filling up your Range Rover we probably don't want to talk with you.  If your at a restaurant buying one meal and sharing it with your kids, we want to talk to you. With that said we are not discriminating against having nice things. We are happy that people have nice things. But we are looking for people who just might need a leg up. Don't get us wrong, there will be Events where our Kindness does include everyone no matter what their lot in life is. And that's okay with us too.  Kindness and Giving are just that.

E mail Us: Mary@KindnessToOneAnother.org

Please contact us and donate for a week, month or year - Paying Bills for Others at our Kindness Events. 


Acts Of Kindness

Get Involved With K21A And Our Acts of Kindness. Nominate Someone In Need. Share Your Story.

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Share Your Story With Us!

We Are Not A Financial Provider. We Serve Others With Our Conscious Acts Of Kindness.

How We Support The People Who Ask For Help


You Nominated Someone Who Needs Help. We Reached Out And Contacted Them.

You nominated the person, family or organization that you believe needs help.

We've reached out to them to learn more about their situation. We've made our recommendation for them.

Our Process After Speaking With Your Nomination

Once we have spoken with the nominee, we determine together whether sharing their struggle with another organization or government agency would better support them- to meet their needs. 

K21A.org- strives to support all situations for the best outcome for the nominee. 

K21A.org and all of its partners- only work for kindness and good in the world. We exist to help others in need with our Acts of Kindness  &  Social Responsibility.

We are change makers and disruptors in the nonprofit world. We choose to move quickly by having all the facts and determining the best outcome for all involved.  We choose to minimize the red tape.

Our Actions

Growing Kindness. Making a Difference one bill at a time with your partnership and donations. These are some of the people we have meet with and, are raising money to pay bills for. 

We have shared and aligned these people with other nonprofits and agencies but K21A.org  sees the need to offer our assistance.

  • Family lost child they need support with medical bills.
  • Older couple lost their only child who was providing for them. 
  • Family wants to give their fur baby the treatment necessary to stay alive but needs assistance.
  • Young adult struggling with identity needs financial support with therapy.
  • Mother wants to give up prostitution and become the mother she never had. She needs help with finances.
  • Father lost his job because he has an illness needs help to continue treatment.

Our Work is finding grants and people willing to donate to us, so we can pay a bill for the needy and underprivileged.

Donate To Support The Communities We Live In - Help Us Care For Others!

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