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For-Profit Businesses Adopting a Nonprofit.

Adopt a Non-Profit - Providing a direct vehicle for companies philanthropic giving. Supporting the local nonprofits working in the areas the for-profit is doing their business. 

In general companies don't know all the different non profits in each area they do business in.

We do.  We have done our research!

For-Profits / Donating - Weekly, Monthly or Yearly

When For-Profits and Nonprofits Unite- Helping Humanity becomes easier.

Anyone can donate today to support a local nonprofit. This is a great way to give your offering in a large global way.

Donate To Support Our Monthly Nonprofit

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Amalgamation Of For-Profit And Nonprofit

Adopt A Non-Profit

For Profit Businesses Can Offer 

  • Regular Donations on a Weekly Monthly and Yearly basis
  • Satellite office space for nonprofits
  • Discounts from for-profit on items they sell
  • Partnership on Events

Nonprofits Can Offer For-Profits

  • Community Connection
  • Employee Engagement
  • Respect and Care for the Community the for-profit operates in.
  • Potential free payroll assisting in the for-profit space. 

The Possibilities Are Endless When Both Parties Have An Open Mind For A Better Future For Humanity.

  • Contact MDC.Services for a full description of what Adopt a Non-Profit can do for you and your business.

Adopted Nonprofit for December 2019
Adopted Nonprofit for December 2019

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Companies Looking For A Local Non-Profit To Adopt. Nonprofits Looking To Be Adopted.

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Aligning For-Profits With Non-Profits

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