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Your Company Cares About You!

Corporate Kindness Events

Your company has learned that doing thoughtful, meaningful and powerful activities are imperative to their success.  

Companies that have partnered with a 501c3 -nonprofits have had the largest success to their bottom line.

It's no longer acceptable for a company to just say thank you, with a lunch and balloons. 

As time changes so do the expectations of the person who wants to work in the corporate world. 

Employees want to belong to a company that cares about them personally. 

Employees want a company that cares about society.

Having a Corporate Kindness Event is the start for any company to begin in a new direction, embracing your employees in a meaningful way.

Having a Corporate Kindness Event is the beginning of teaching teams direct philanthropic giving and CSR.

Your Leadership Team 

Your Company wants to bring your teams together with a corporate Kindness Event that pays a bill for one of your peers.

Your Leadership Team cares for your needs and is rallying everyone to support someone you nominated and K21A and our consulting team has picked.

You nominated the person you work with. You know that having a bill paid for- would be life changing for this person. K21A and our consulting team have pick the name randomly. The consulting team has done the research and knows who we are fundraising for.  

Your company and leadership team does not know who it is.  Your company just knows the dollar amount we need, to be able to pay this bill.

Let's come together!  Begin Fundraising-  

Everyone in your company is donating any amount they can. 

When we have fulfilled the amount needed to pay this persons bill, we let your company know.

Your leadership them let's us know who is coming with us to pay this persons bill.  

We share everything on social media and create a unique experience for everyone. 

Who knew rallying a team to pay a bill could cause such happiness and belonging.  

Your company cares about all of you and this is their Kind way of showing it.

Your Company's Kindness Event!

Your Leadership Team- Wants You and Needs You.

Your leadership team more than most have opened their pocket books in the fundraising process. How cool is that!

Enjoy where you work- They Care

Corporate Kindness Events In Partnership With The Consulting Team At MDC


  • Nominate the person you want to help and Donate for them on this page.

  • You are here to Nominate the person that you hope gets selected to have their bill paid for.  

  • Your company and MDC are Fundraising for them with our partnership. We deliver the gift with you and your corporate partners. The specifics have been worked out with your company and MDC.

  • Use the form below to share with us who you are nomination and why. What is your reasoning for nomination this individual? Share your story with us.

  • Next your company lets your teams know someone has been selected .
  • From there you and everyone at your company begins the fundraising. 

  • The donate button below supports your fundraiser and is for you and your company's Kindness Event. 

  • Donate Now-this is your fundraiser. You are raising money to pay a bill for a work family member that is in need.

Together we are creating Kindness To One Another - one person at a time, one bill at a time.  MDC.Services

This Is the Corporate Nomination Form:

Nominate The Person You Work With Here!

Kindness To One Another & Companies- Unite

When Companies And Nonprofits Unite Good Things Happen To People In Need. 

Your Company Fundraising Here

Your Kindness and Donations To Your Work Family Member is Amazing!  

You and your peers are coming together to relieve a financial burden for someone you work with.  

Everyone's generous donation will fund the mission of the name that we drew.  

We are a 501(c)(3) organization your donation is tax deductible. 

We can hardly wait to reveal who was chosen!

This Donate Button is For Your Corporate Kindness Events.

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Working Hard To Support Humanity & Companies

We Know Our "Why's" 

We Exist To Create More Social Responsibility Solutions Between Companies And Nonprofits. 

We Share What Kindness Is, So You Can Duplicate It.

We Step Into A Situation - Paying A Bill, Offering Hope.

What Is Your Company's "Why's"?

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