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Payroll: 2019

Support And Pay The Bills For The Team At K21A.org

2019 - The K21A team is not receiving a salary from your donations.

  • We began this Non Profit to be Kind to Others in our way - paying bills for others.
  • If you believe in our work- support the team supporting our communities.
  • We need your kind donations to help us pay for our bills.

Your donation to our payroll is money we pay taxes on.

  • Use the the yellow Donate button to be Kind to our Team.


Donate To Pay The Bills Of The Team Behind K21A

Kindness To One Another Facts & Figures

Year 2019

  • 90% of Donations for our Acts of Kindness goes to the Mission. 
  • 10% goes to the overhead of K21A.org
  • The only caveat to the 90%/10% rule is -if a donor is sponsoring our payroll.
  • We have several grants out.
  • We have a Guide Star Approval rating of a Gold Star.
  • All donations that come through this website will receive a receipt .
  • We are an approved 501(c)(3) with the government.


GuideStar Seal of Approval