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2019 - The K21A team did not receive a salary from your donations.

2020 - Please donate for K21A to recieve paryroll for 2020.

  • We began this Non Profit to be Kind to Others in our way - paying bills for others.
  • If you believe in our work- support the team supporting our communities.
  • We need your kind donations to help us pay for our bills.

Your donation to our payroll is money we pay taxes on.

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Kindness To One Another Facts & Figures

Year 2019

  • 90% of Donations for our Acts of Kindness went to the Mission. 
  • 10% went to the overhead of
  • The only caveat to the 90%/10% rule was -if a donor was sponsoring our payroll.
  • We had several grants out.
  • We had a GuideStar transparency rating of a Gold Star.
  • All donations that came through this website received a receipt.
  • We became an approved 501(c)(3) with the government.

Our Impact in 2019:  We gave to humanity through our Random Acts of Kindness and Adopt a Non-Profit over $4,300 in bill payments.  Through our charity we have feed the hungry, clothed the poor, got people to doctors appointment, put a roof over a family's head for a week, paid for cars to run, kept the power on for several homes in the winter, rescued several animals and got them nurtured, donated for legal representation, filled pantries, paid for bus passes, supported children with bears to hug in hospitals, dentist offices, homeless families and other nonprofits. We supported families, stopped and rang doorbells in areas where windows were falling off and gave gift cards and payed bills. We donated and payed bills for several  local nonprofits to help them on their journeys.

2019 Has Been A Blessed Year!  Thank You For All Your Kind Donations And Belief In Our Work.

2019 Has Been A Blessed Year!  Thank You For All Your Kind Donations And Belief In Our Work. 

GuideStar Seal Of Transparency

Plans In Action For Supporting Humanity

2020 - The Year Of Hope.

Kindness To One Another, Inc. - has started 2020 out with the Platinum Seal of Transparency with GuideStar.  ( 

Kindness To One Another is offering our vehicle of paying bills for others in many different ways.

The Programs We Have Begun To Put Into Motions Are.

  • Associate Hardship Fund ( For-Profits To Offer Their Teams)
  • E mail program, Random Acts of Kindness
  • Kindness Fund

Associate Hardship Fund is for company's to offer to their teams. 

  • Maybe a company can't afford to offer medical insurance. But this company can use there donations for the good of their teams, having K21A pay a bill.
  • Maybe a company can offer medical insurance but they want something additional to offer to care for their teams in an emergency, having K21A pay a bill.
  • Maybe a company has insurance and a company donation fund set up for emergencies . Unfortunately the time it takes to fulfill all their processes takes eight months and there is no guarantee of help to their associate. This large company can utilize to offer immediate bill payments to their associates.

E mails - Random Acts of Kindness is anyone or any company creating a specialize program for their giving. Paying bills for others.

Kindness Fund is having the ability to envision something or someone you are wanting to pay a bill for. You can have multiple donors and determine your own time line by working with the team at K21A.

Examples Of A Kindness Fund:

  • Medical Bills Paid For
  • Socially Responsible Business -getting off the ground
  • Funeral Paid For
  • Medical Prescriptions Paid For

Kindness To One Another, Inc. ( "Works Only For Good In The World".  

Any program of Kindness that is agreed upon and used with has a percentage that goes directly to the works of Kindness To One Another, Inc. 

We use a sliding scale that is agreed upon by the donor and K21A.  

The percent is based on the agreed work load. 

Contact us so we can share all the ways you can be Kind to others by paying a bill. 

All programs will need to be approved and set up by before they begin.


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