A Charitable Organization Serving Women, Children and Men with Acts of Kindness

Facts and Transparency-2019

Support and Pay the Bills for the Team at K21A.org

We began this Non Profit to be Kind to Others in our way - paying for others bills.

If you believe in our work- support the team supporting our Communities.

We need your kind donations to help us pay for our bills.

Your donation to our payroll is money we pay taxes on.

Use the the yellow Donate button to be Kind to our Team.


Donate to Pay the bills of the people behind K21A.org

The Non Profits Business Facts & Figures

90% of Donations go to the Mission. 10% goes to the Overhead of K21A.org

We believe in transparency with all financial matters and the bulk of the money donated needs to be put towards our mission. The only caveat to this is, if a donor is sponsoring our payroll.

Funds received year to date

Over $ 4,000


TCC Gives - Family Fun Event over $2,000

Private Donors- over $2,300

Donation and Fundraising Goals 2019

1st year 

Goals for Sept. $2,500

Goals for Oct.   $2,500

Goals for Nov.  $2,500

Guide Star Approved

We have achieved our Gold Star.  

Kindness To One Another, Inc

Guide Star is an organization that oversees all non profits. They are a report card of sorts. We welcome you to visit them to learn about our profits and losses, board members, length of service etc.

Grants Received

We have several grants out.

Approved 501(c)(3) with the IRS as of April 10th 2019

We believe in and will support all of mankind. We have transparent leadership and business practices. We are Passionate Philanthropist driven in Social Responsibility.

Support Humanity with charity. Allow us to Pay Bills for Others with you Kind Donations.

People need us in our communities and we need you.

You tell us where you want your donation to go - Women, Children or Men! 

You Can Pay for groceries, clothes, shoes, dinner, breakfast, gas, school supplies, car payment, rent, mortgage, car repair, dentist appointment, doctor appointment, bus passes, fill pantries for other nonprofits, babysitter, haircut, wigs for cancer patient, rent for a small business, equipment for a small business, shelter for a homeless woman, animal shelter.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card