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Partnership With Kindness To One Another, Inc.

Become A Financial Partner

Join us on our Mission of Kindness and Social Responsibility, Paying Bills for Others in struggling markets.  

We are actively vetting companies to support the communities they work in by donating.

Contact us if you want your company to be a part of our- Acts of Kindness. Be an active donor or ask us to have a Sponsored Kindness Event at your location.

Do you want your grocery store or company known as the company that supports a nonprofit that pays for strangers family's food? 

Our work shows up in underprivileged areas. Supporting our work shines a light on "any area" we pop up in. 

Perception is everything. Show yourself differently. Become Socially Responsible in the communities you work in. Become a regular financial donor.

We are seeking partners who want to become part of the change. Help Kindness To One Another offer Hope to Humanity by showing Kindness- paying for a bill.

Volunteers Needed For 

  • We need sales people to grow our Corporate Kindness Events. 
  • We need sales people to share Adopt a Non-Profit with For-Profit businesses. 
  • We need volunteers to raise money to support our Random Acts of Kindness. 
  • We need a Social Media interactive volunteer.   

Help Us Pay For A Bill And Offer Hope!

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