Thank You E Mails. Paying A Bill.


Corporate Social Responsibility. Leaders. Humanity.

We Understand - Leaders Are Always Looking For New Ways To Show There Gratitude To All Members Of The Team.  

Partner with Kindness To One Another, Inc. 

You Can Create- Your Own Unique Program With Us. 

E Mailing -Random Acts Of Kindness, Paying A Bill For Others.

To Whom - would you want to give a donation and have a bill paid for?

Company Program: The Company Donation

  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annually
  • When you are happy and want to say thank you.
  • When you are pleased with results with the entire team or just an individual. Send that person or teams email and pays a bill for them.  
  • The company donates a "Directed" amount and receive a tax deduction.
  • The company creates the program that you want to follow.

The Email Is Addressed - You Are Receiving "A Random Act Of Kindness" From Your CEO. 

Jack Smith or Leslie Thompson your CEO would like to pay a bill for you up to $100.00.

Personal Program: Your Personal Donation And Social Responsibility

  • You decide that you want to donate a "Directed" amount to be used for your teams or the whole of humanity.

You Can't Imagine How Valuable Your Kind Gift Can Be!

You never know how hard a persons life may be. Or the needs they may have.  

Create Loyalty And Respect Your Words Could Never Achieve.

Create With Us A New And Unique Way Of Giving.

Kindness To One Another & "Your Company"

The work / mission of Kindness To One Another, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization is offering Hope through Random Acts Of Kindness, paying bills for others.

Kindness To One Another, Inc. has created solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility. Offering those solutions to support the work of K21A.  Based on a sliding scale a percent of all donations goes directly to our mission.

Our nonprofit works in partnership with For-Profit businesses giving them the ability to create new and unique ways to deliver on their social responsibility expectations.
Showing Kindness Ignites Passion & Respect In The Work Place.

Any Program You Create With K21A Will Be:

  • Private - (Only knows about)
  • Public - (You want to share this work with the world)

  • This Program Is Available Globally

Associate Hardship Fund


Small Companies

Are you struggling with being able to offer benefits, insurance etc.?

We have a solution for you.

  • Use your donations for the year towards your teams.
  • Your "Directed" Donation of 100k for the year is your teams hardship fund. 
  • We create a program around the amount of people working for you.

Large Companies

Do you wish the program that is in place currently with your company reacted quicker for an associate emergency?   

The drag time between all the paperwork and red tape can take up to eight months before your associate is helped. They may not even "qualify" for help!

  • That was not the vision when your program was put into place!

We have a solution for you.

  • K21A is the immediate support before your program kicks in.
  • We create a program to fill a gap.

New And Unique Ways To Have People Love Where They Work

  • This Program Is Currently Available In The Ten States We Can Accept Donations From.

Map Of The States We Can Solicit Donations From Currently

Adopt A Non-Profit

Opportunity To Donate To Multiple Nonprofits Yearly That You Approve Of.