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Your Nomination and Corporate Fundraiser

Your Nomination and our Partnership

Thank you for wanting to be Kind to someone else and act in social responsibility.  We understand the need to give to someone else. Giving to someone else brings Joy into your life. 

You nominate the person, family, organization or event that you believe in. You fundraiser for them with our partnership. We deliver the gift to you with you or for you.     

The other option is you may need to be given to- we understand. We are here to support your fundraiser and partner with you. We set up a meeting for all individuals who nominate themselves. We need to learn how we can help your situation in the best way. 

This nonprofit organization and all of its partners will only work for Kindness and Good in the world. We exist to help others in need, act with social responsibility and offer our form of Kindness to all with your support.  


Your Nomination – You know of them personally or professionally.  Or maybe it's you.

We are an extremely different Nonprofit. We fundraise for a reason that everyone knows about and everyone who donates can see the results after we pay that bill. 

We are Socially Responsible with our Kindness Events. 

We are committed to broadcasting on Social Media our Kindness Events. We believe that we are Teaching and Growing Kindness by showing how a group of people can come together and effect one persons life in a positive way.  

Our form of Kindness offers hope to all of mankind and the community's we live in. Ultimately everything comes down to a bill. Eating a meal has a bill, a roof over your head has a bill, a doctors appointment has a bill. 

We believe paying a bill for someone else is an amazing gift. Let's partner with each other to accomplish our mission. Acting with Kindness and Social Responsibility.

Kindness To One Another – Making a Difference one bill at a time with your partnership and fundraising.

Corporate Kindness Events in partnership with -Mary Douglas Consulting. -MDC-

Corporate Teams

Nominate the person you want to help and Donate for them on this page.

You are here to nominate the person that you hope gets selected to have their bill paid for.  

Your company and MDC are fundraising for them with our partnership. We deliver the gift with you and your corporate partners. The specifics have been worked out with your company and MDC.

Use the form below to share with us who you are nomination and why. What is your reasoning for nomination this individual? Share your story with us.

Next your company lets your teams know someone has been selected .

From there you and everyone at your company begins the fundraising. 

The donate button below supports your fundraiser and is for you and your company's Kindness Event. 

Donate Now-this is your fundraiser. You are raising money to pay a bill for a work family member that is in need.

Together we are creating Kindness To One Another - one person at a time, one bill at a time.

This is your nomination form

Personal Nomination | Corporate Nomination Here

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Call us and make an appointment to meet

Our nonprofit Kindness To One Another supporting your nomination with your fundraising

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By Appointment

Company- Kindness Event

Your Kindness and Donations to your Work Family member is Amazing!  You and your peers are coming together to relieve a financial burden for someone you work with.  

Everyone's generous donation will fund the mission of the name that MDC drew and because we are a 501(c)(3) organization your donation is tax deductible. 

We can hardly wait to reveal who was chosen!

When Donating for a Specific Kindness Event put Event Name in the optional notes section after you have applied the donation amount. Thank You

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