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Your Nominations: We Have Meet With Them!

You nominated the person, family, organization or event that you believe in. 

This nonprofit organization and all of its partners will only work for Kindness and Good in the world. We exist to help others in need, act with social responsibility and offer our form of Kindness to all with your support and donations.

Once we have meet with you, we can tell you within 24 hours weather K21A.org can pay a bill for you immediately.  Maybe we determine sharing your struggle with another non profit would better suit your needs. We have a conference call with our Leadership Team and determine whether or not we can help. 

We are change makers and disruptors in the nonprofit world. We call this helping those in need without the red tape.   


Kindness To One Another – Making a Difference one bill at a time with your partnership and donations. These are some of the people we have meet with and, are raising money to pay bills for. We have shared and aligned these people with other Non Profits but still see the need to offer our assistance in our Kind way.

These are the people we are trying to support currently:

  • Mother and Child in Bloomington Indiana need medical bills supported.
  • Young woman just turned 21 mother and father passed away she need help paying off funerals.
  • Young women in College struggling with abusive relationships needs money to get out on her own.
  • Older women lost her husband and needs help with providing food for animals.
  • Mother has three children lost her retail job is struggling to pay for food on a regular basis.
  • Grandmother has custody of children because her daughter is addicted to drugs. 
  • Young lady's car broke down and needs car bills paid for.
  • Small business trying to help women out of recovery. 
  • Small nonprofit trying to help the Homeless.
  • Children who are to afraid to say they need a new jacket for winter- because they live in a shelter.
  • Woman fighting to stay clean and start over.

The Indianapolis Market is in need of people to help.  Woman, Children and Men are struggling to pay a bill and survive.  

We are NOT a Go Fund Me.  We are a NonProfit meeting people where there are in life and sharing their stories. Our Work is finding  grants and people with money to give, so we can pay a bill for the needy and underprivileged. 

You would be surprised with how many people just need the basic help.

Being a Financial Partner with K21A.org relieves your burden of how you can help someone else.  We need your kind donation and we will support the people in need.

Corporate Kindness Events in partnership with the Consulting team at MDC

Corporate Teams

Nominate the person you want to help and Donate for them on this page.

You are here to Nominate the person that you hope gets selected to have their bill paid for.  

Your company and MDC are Fundraising for them with our partnership. We deliver the gift with you and your corporate partners. The specifics have been worked out with your company and MDC.

Use the form below to share with us who you are nomination and why. What is your reasoning for nomination this individual? Share your story with us.

Next your company lets your teams know someone has been selected .

From there you and everyone at your company begins the fundraising. 

The donate button below supports your fundraiser and is for you and your company's Kindness Event. 

Donate Now-this is your fundraiser. You are raising money to pay a bill for a work family member that is in need.

Together we are creating Kindness To One Another - one person at a time, one bill at a time.


This is the Corporate Nomination Form:

Your Nomination - From Your Company

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K21A.org and Companies- Unite

When companies and nonprofits unite good things happen to people in need. 

Company- Kindness Event

Your Kindness and Donations to your Work Family member is Amazing!  

You and your peers are coming together to relieve a financial burden for someone you work with.  

Everyone's generous donation will fund the mission of the name that MDC drew and because we are a 501(c)(3) organization your donation is tax deductible. 

We can hardly wait to reveal who was chosen!

This Donate Button is for your Corporate Kindness Events.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This form is for everyone. Share your story here.

We are here to listen and share your story with those who can help you. Meet with our team, will take it from there.

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